Life is like pebbles. We get small ones, larger ones, colourful ones, white ones, round ones, flat ones and all kinds of forms in between.

Together they form a beautiful base for rivers dreamingly flowing over them, speaking to the soul and spirit. What a beautiful art in a garden, rockery or parthway to create a masterpiece of natural beauty between God’s handywork in nature. Complimenting the most vivid and soft colours that no man can create with human effort.

How does the patterns of our lives not measure to these beautiful nature element. Sometimes hard and rocking, drawing storms of thunder and lightning. Sometime inviting soft murmuring of a stream to form us in a beautiful harmony to the spirit.

Psalm 1 says that if we delight ourselves in the law of the Lord, we are like trees planted by the water. We shall not wither, no matter our season. We shall prosper for we will be rooted in the living waters of Christ our Saviour. (ESV).